Author Guidelines

Submission Rules & Publishing Process

  1. The submitted manuscript is assessed by the journal editor for an initial decision. If the manuscript is regarded as suitable for the journal, then it is sent to two peer-reviewers competent in the relevant field of study, providing the anonymity of the author.
  2. Peer-reviews are archived for two years. If only one of the peer-reviews are positive, the manuscript can be sent to a third peer-reviewer, or a final decision can be made by the editorial board regarding the peer-reviews.
  3. The manuscript should be no more than 8000 words including the citations and the bibliography.
  4. An abstract consisting of at most 150 words and 5 keywords in English and Turkish should also be provided with the manuscript.
  5. A short biography and the contact information of the author should also be submitted.
  6. Any indication that could expose the identity of the author should be avoided.
  7. Submissions should be attached to a mail including the name of the author, the name of the article and a one-sentence summary of the manuscript.
  8. For further communication please contact and
  9. All citations should be made using Chicago-Style 17th Edition:
  10. The titles and section-headings in the manuscript should be brief and clear.
  11. The manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman, 12 pt with double-spacing. The endnotes should be in Times New Roman, 9 pt with single-spacing. The manuscript should be sent in .doc or .docx formatted files.
  12. The main title of the manuscript should be written in capital bold letters. The section-headings should be written in bold letters with only the first letters of the words capitalized.
  13. If quotations have more than 40 words, a block quotation should be used. The quotation should begin on a new line and it should be indent 1 cm. from the left margin. The entire quotation should be 11pt with single-spacing.
  14. The source should be indicated below the cited table/figure.
  15. The author is asked for a final approval prior to publication.
  16. A printed copy of the journal is sent to authors.
  17. Manuscripts that do not comply with these requirements can be accepted for evaluation only after necessary changes are made.
  18. İLEF Dergisi does not charge submissions and article processing.